About The Faire



Goals: Skillsharing is about teaching and learning all kinds of useful, handy, and practical skills. Years ago, lots of people knew how to repair and sharpen tools, make a braided rug, raise chickens, make soap, build a fence, make simple toys, and much more. The goals of the Faire are to help revive lost skills, showcase some new ones, and provide a place where all of us can come learn from folks in the community with experience in these crafts and trades. We welcome people from all walks of life – the more diversity in those who present and attend, the more we can learn from each other!

The “Barter” portion of the Faire is to allow folks to trade items (think hand crafted, home made, wild harvested, self cultivated, tools, building materials/supplies) that they have a surplus of, or do not need, for things they are in need of.

At the Faire you will find:

  • Hourly & on-going SkillShares (presentations/workshops/classes)
  • Music
  • Bartering
  • Fun and welcoming people from all walks of life!

Admission: $10 Children under 12 Free



Presentations that were held at the 2018 Faire:

DIY Electric Bike

Pain/Anxiety remedies with Essential Oils

Fermentation and Pickles!

Freezing, Drying, Root Cellaring and Microclimate storage

Basic Metal Working Techniques

Structural Yoga Therapy: Joint Freeing

DIY Solar Home Heater from Trash

Willow Basketry

Holistic Self-Assessment

The Permaculture Paradigm: Ethics, Principles + Techniques

Making Lavender Wands

Making Medicinal Salves

One Of A Kind Potter

Forest First Aid – use whats here!

Water Bath Canning

All About Chickens and Ducks

Mason Bees Harvesting

Sheep Shearing

Cider Pressing,

DYI Mushroom Kits

Natural Pet & Homecare

Tree Medicine Walk

Yoga: Healing Easy Lazy Poses


Garden Seed Saving

Making Country Fruit Wines

Medicinal and Edible Plants Walk

Dehydration – Herbs, Fruits and More


Presenter Schedule 2018 !