Does it cost to get into SkillShare?
Yes. Please see the registration page for pricing. (The Faire -> Registration)

It sounds so fun, I want to volunteer to help out! How can I sign up to volunteer?
Yay! We need you! Sign up for a shift by going to the menu, then Get Involved -> Volunteer

How can I find out what kinds of skills are going to be demonstrated at the Faire?
We will list Skillshares that are available on the website as we learn about them. Some are added at the last minute or directly to a bulletin board during the Faire.

How can I sign up to share a skill?
Let us know that you’re interested in being a presenter HERE, and we will get back to you with a “presenter registration” form.

What if someone has already signed up to demonstrate my skill?
We encourage you to sign up anyway, as that person may not be there all day, or you may provide a slightly different method. It will benefit faire-goers to have you both there!

Do I have to pay for a 12×12 bartering/vending space if I’m a demonstrator/skill sharer?
Yes, $20/day.

If I plan to barter do I need to pay for that?
If you just want to come in and wander about with a basket of items, no. If you want your own 12’x12′ space to set up your own homebase with table/canopy/etc, then you will need to pay $20/day, and you can do that in advance by going to the menu, then Get Involved -> Barter

Can I bring my dog to the Faire?
We have to have a no-dog policy at the Faire. We understand that folks like to have their best friends come with them, but dogs are difficult in our setting with animals and many people. Please leave your canine friends at home.