We do too! Bartering is a great way to meet people, and to perhaps get some treasures with no money passing hands at all. Our focus & desire is to share homemade, handcrafted goods, or tools/building materials/etc that prove useful in building a resilient community. We schedule a dedicated barter time at the end of the day, when there are no workshops going on, to allow everyone time to get together in the barter zone without having to miss out on a workshop.

We offer dedicated spaces of 12’x12′ for folks to set up their own table and canopy, to barter from a convenient home base, for an extra fee of $15/day or $25 for the weekend, in addition to admission.

Or, if you have a small/manageable quantity of items, you can simply roam around the barter zone/area with your wares and barter. Bartering for money will be allowed, as it is bound to happen…

Please sign up to reserve your space under registration or as a presenter.